10 months ago

Precisely why do cats sleep so much?

So why do cats sleep so much?

Have you ever wondered, How come cats sleep a lot?” then you are not alone. Given the opportunity, most felines will certainly curl up within a comfortable and fuzzy area and slumber the whole day read more...

10 months ago

Games You Didn’t know to Play with Your Cat

Nowadays, you can harness the strength of technology to

connect with your cat. With mobile phone applications come endless possibilities to make cats smarter, more healthy and more faithful to their humans. And, cat lovers

c

10 months ago

Why do cats hate bath time?

Why cats hate bath time

The two things everyone is aware of cats from a young age is that they love mice and detest water.

A lot of kittens and cats can't stand water, primarily household felines. Other cats and kittens read more...

10 months ago

Best Cat Subscription Boxes with Cat Toys, Treats, and Accessories

If your cat's behavior is not what you hoped it would be, it may well be since he or she is bored or lonely. Monthly cat subscription boxes are a wonderful way to preserve your cat entertained year-round. Give your cat a treat each and every mont read more...

10 months ago

Why Don't Cats Like Cucumbers?

A lot of of us are a little uneasy around salad - but a spate of internet videos show that cats seem to be terrified of it - and in particular, of cucumbers. Ever since a series of videos went viral displaying pet owners putting a cucumber behind read more...

10 months ago

How Long Do Cats Live On Average?

How Long Do Cats Live

The length of time cats will live is a common query among cat owners.